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When an ancient artifact known as the Red Diamond is discovered, it leads Kirby on a journey to the ends of Pop Star and beyond! --- Updates: Currently on an indefinite hiatus. --- Kirby and related characters belong to HAL/ Nintendo.

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On the shelf

February 28th, 2015, 10:00 am

State of the Comic (IMPORTANT)

Hiya. Nash here. Thought considering it's been over 2 months now, I should go ahead and put up a news post about a couple things.

First off, the state of the comic. To be honest, I'm not sure about this comic's future. I do still like the story idea, but considering it's been through 2 and a half reboots now, it might just be time to let it stay in the past. I'm just not sure. I could definitely come up with a new idea for a Kirby comic which would allow for a simpler art style and therefore have faster pages...

Secondly, the state of the art in this comic.
It's no secret that art takes a long time. So naturally, a 6-page comic panel would take about six times as long as one drawing would, right?
So here's what I'm thinking: If I do continue to update the comic (and that'll be largely determined by the input in this news post, so be sure you comment), I'd have to simplify the art style. I was already intending to do this when the prologue was over, but if I'm ever going to even finish that, I need to tone down the art a bit so it's both easier to draw, and faster.

So, in conclusion, I'm asking you guys to help me determine what to do about this comic. I'm sure many of you will blindly say "CONTINUE THE COMIC PLZ NASH". That's not what I'm asking for here. I would like both your opinion, and one good reason why you hold that opinion.

Thank you in advance for the input,

June 28th, 2014, 12:53 pm

Updates returning soon!

Hey everybody, Nash here, bringing you a quick news update!

That update is, I'm getting a graphics tablet soon!
So, when I do, and once I start getting used to using it, I'm going to be remaking and refining every page of this comic so far, then moving on to new updates! How cool will that be?! :D

So, look forward to that... sometime in July, hopefully.


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